Office of Mosquito Control, City of Stuttgart, 304 S. Maple Street, Stuttgart, AR 72160, Phone: 870-673-4566

The Office of Mosquito Control for the City of Stuttgart was established to aid with nuisance mosquitoes that inhabit our rice fields and our city. Our office uses the latest vector control technology to monitor mosquito activity as we trap and identify mosquito species found city-wide. Using this trap data we are able to determine concentration, species, and disease presence if needed. Our department works with the EPA in limiting the amount of unnecessary chemical applications over our city by utilizing a predetermined thresh-hold for mosquito concentration. We do this prior to the use of our Twin-engine Aztec that uses tail mounted twin Beco-mist sprayers, and our Truck-mounted ULV Sprayers. Our staff spends hours in training every winter in order to acquire the best techniques, equipment, and chemical used in the mosquito control industry. We do this to ensure that the citizens of Stuttgart receive the highest possible control we can provide. By volunteering for community education events our staff strives to involve the community in all of their efforts. We know that without the support of our great citizens, we would never have the control over mosquito populations our department desires. In the field, the air, or on the streets our department is vigilant in their efforts to controlling mosquito populations in Stuttgart.

David Jackson
870-673-7701 Office
870-329-3297 Cell

Daniel Massingale
Assistant Director
870-673-7701 Office
870-659-6511 Cell

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304 S. Maple Street
Stuttgart, AR 72160
Phone: 870-673-4566