Fire Department, City of Stuttgart, 304 S. Maple Street, Stuttgart, AR 72160, Phone: 870-673-4566

The Stuttgart Fire Department (SFD) is a well-trained, extensively equipped and progressive fire department that is always looking for opportunities to improve its fire service and protection skills. Compared to other cities our size, Stuttgart is in excellent shape regarding fire protection. We have been extremely fortunate to have such well- trained and equipped personnel. Similar cities do not have as many fulltime firefighters as Stuttgart. We currently have an ISO class of 3. SFD has 22 fill time firefighters, which includes seven firefighters on duty 24 hours a day. The fire department is divided into a three-shift system. The on-duty firefighters staff 3 different fire stations spread out across the city. Off duty Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters are always subject to call back when a major fire occurs.

SFD is constantly hosting accredited and approved training locally in Stuttgart. This training is accredited by such agencies as the Arkansas Fire Training Academy, the National Fire Academy, and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management. We have several certified instructors on our department that also provide in-house training to our firefighters. We are constantly striving to improve and provide a higher level of service. I am proud of the fact that we have expanded on the services it provides to Stuttgart citizens. In 2008 SFD began providing extrication and rescue services in Stuttgart and approximately the Northern half of Arkansas County. In 2009 the department began providing the much-needed service of first responder level emergency medical services to the citizens.

If you call for an ambulance in our city, you will also have firefighters respond. We feel this is very important because we can arrive on-scene usually within three minutes, because we send firefighters from the station closest to the call. This usually allows us to arrive before the ambulance to attend to anything that is a major life threat, such as major bleeding, chocking or a heart attack, etc.

Feel free to stop by any of our Fire Stations if you ever have any questions or just to talk and look around. Stuttgart Fire Department locations include:

  • Central Station, 1210 S. Main St., 870-673-3539
  • Station 2, 721 N. Spring St., 870-673-3356
  • Station 3, 2306 S. Main St., 870-672-4388

If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1.

J.P. Jordan, Fire Chief

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Call the information center with questions or comments.

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304 S. Maple Street
Stuttgart, AR 72160
Phone: 870-673-4566