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The History of the Ricebirds

For 100 years Stuttgart, Arkansas, has cherished their unique mascot the Ricebird. Travel across the state from top to bottom and side to side and you will find no other mascot like our "Ricebird."

A small town that was named after Stuttgart, Germany, is bound together by the tradition all started from a small, determined bird. Ricebirds may be small birds, but they will devour an entire field of rice. Ricebirds are relentless- once they set their eyes on the prize there is no stopping them.

So, what is a Ricebird you ask? Ricebirds are small grey birds that are very fast and are found in rice fields. They survive on the rice crops. This is the perfect mascot for Stuttgart since it is the Rice and Duck Capital of the World. It was said that Ricebirds used to serenade the farmers while they worked. Some kids even used to catch them for pets during the early 1900s. Now the Ricebirds are mostly found on the football field—protecting the tradition that they hold so dear to their hearts.

The mascot of the Ricebird came into play shortly after 1912 when Stuttgart High School spent $500 to purchase their first football equipment. Players had to qualify for the team by making an 80% in their studies. The roads were still gravel and it was only a couple years before year World War One, but football was beginning to transform the town of Stuttgart.

The Ricebird may be a small mascot in comparison to others across our state, but the might, fight, and will to win is bigger than any other. For one hundred years the Ricebird has been and will always be the best mascot in the state of Arkansas!

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